Are You Prepared To Profit From Trump's Victory?
Get equipped with investment strategies to reap huge rewards for 2017
Hi there!
With Donald Trump in the White House on Jan 20th 2017, smart investors are starting to plant seeds to reap big fruits for 2017 and beyond.
However the sad truth is that many are still clueless about investing.
And it is a big tragedy if you don't take advantage of this once in a decade opportunity.
Allow me to quickly break down the basics for you.
There are 3 terms you must understand: FA, TA & PA.
Fundamental analysis (FA) is just assessing a company's business performance or intrinsic value.
Technical analysis (TA), is simply how we would want to buy low and sell high based on the price charts.
Personal analysis (PA) is essentially a study of investor psychology based on political economic factors.
It may sound overwhelming...
But let me summarize everything into one sentence.
The Stock Market Is An Emotional Market
Market uncertainties always create greeds and fears among the traders.
Most people are too predictable.
Now that Trump has won, many would stay away from the market due to instability.
A wise trader or investor would learn to leverage on the fear factor of majority.
Buying good stocks at low price, then selling high to those speculators who want to buy at a high price.
The safest time to buy a stock is when everyone is afraid the sky will fall down.
With businesses still operating normally at consistent performance.
If you understand'll reap the benefits of the stock market.
Instead of shying away from the markets, you have to instead identify stocks that are likely to gain from Trump's presidency.
And right now is the best opportunity to prepare before a crisis.
So How Can You Start Preparing Now?
Hi there! My name is Dr.Tee.
I was previously a Vice President of a consulting firm and possess 20 years of trading and investing experience.
Over the past 10 years, I've been helping many Singaporeans like yourself to achieve their financial dreams through my free seminars.
Investing should not be complicated.
And it is not meant for the priveleged few.

The sad truth is that many financial institutions throw so many complex terms and jargon that it usually scares off the retail investor.
So that you will blindly follow and park your money with any advisor that seems "financially intelligent".
Money only grows by a person who understands money...
and anyone can do it!
Over the course of my life I have founded Ein55 Styles of Investing, sharing my experience extensively with over 1000 investment articles and conducting over 200 free seminars.
Join me in my Free course and learn how you can reach your financial goals with simple strategies.
Past students have gained from acquisitions of SMRT, Sim Lian, Jumbo and many more.
My last event had attendees gain 50% with Super Group in just 1 month!
Is it luck? I don't think so.

If we can understand the mindset of big funds who are value investors and take action...
there is no surprise.
Let's learn how to find other similar opportunities in the stock market.
Ask yourself if you want these skills to grow your money?
How to master the art of Buy Low Sell High for all investment markets (Stock, Property, Commodity, Forex, Bond)
Unique long-term investing strategies to outperform 8% yearly portfolio returns of Temasek, Li Ka-Shing, Warren Buffett and other top global funds
The ultimate guide to Spring Cleaning! How you can eliminate junk stocks in your portfolio profitably and prevent losing all capital in the long run
How to generate 20% yearly passive income with High Dividend Blue Chip Stocks
Get equipped with Fundamental Analysis (FA) + Technical Analysis (TA) + Personal Analysis (PA) together with a unique Optimism Strategy developed by Dr.Tee
But before you attend my free course, Please Beware Of The Following Disclaimer
Please note that this is NOT a sales talk! This is a FREE course (worth $500).
You will learn REAL and SOLID stock trading and investing knowledge.
There are many seminars that will try to sell you an expensive course but I do not.
I do have a 5 day course but that is entirely up to your own preference.
Rest assured you'll be able to start investing immediately after my Free course with concrete strategies.
My aim is to teach and kickstart your invesment journey to develop passive income and achieve financial freedom.
You don't need a software but please bring along a notebook to take down notes.
And lastly..
I do NOT partner with external speakers or vendors. 3.5 hours of pure investment knowledge is what you will get.
Check out this video on what students have gained from my Free course
Plus you'll receive a Free eBook on the Market Outlook for 2017: 
How To Profit From Trump's Victory
And Here's An Additional Bonus For Early Attendees!
Free Stock Screening with Dr.Tee to search for Global Stocks with strong fundamentals
Stock Diagnosis by Dr.Tee (FA,TA,PA) based on early bird's stock of choice to know if you should Sell, Hold or Buy.
Here's what people are saying about my Free course
“The trainer, Dr Tee is a very devoted, committed & passionate person.  He is very enthusiastic and eager to impart all his knowledge and experience to us without retaining any information at all.  I salute him for being a selfless trainer.”
Alice Lim
“Dr Tee is an experienced trainer who is patient and explains the topics well. He tries to make things simple and incorporate his unique styles to critical investment knowledge.”

Wong Kee Min

“A very informative course, teaching you applications and general concepts.  A very patient and helpful trainer!”

KB Poon

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