The Truth About Using Indicators:
Why Most People Lose Money In The Stock Market!
Hi there,
I'm Robin Ho, Phillip Capital's top-tier trader.
Now there's been a lot of talk about trading for a living and making money just off intra-day price fluctuations in the markets.
While this is absolutely possible...
many traders typically suffer severe financial losses in their first months of trading or never even graduate to profit-making status.
The truth is, trading is often glamorized as an easy path to riches.
I know this because I've been trading for the past 20 years and been through all the ups and downs.
It all started way back with my P.H.D...Polytechnic Halfway Drop-out.
Never one for the books, I joined the Navy and started trading with my own money.

Did I make money?
Of course, even managed to accumulate $300,000 in profits.
Did I lose money?
Oh boy did I ever...I lost everything and ended with the same amount in debts.
What did I learn?
It's easy to think you're a trading guru in a bullish market but when things goes sour, you're in deep trouble if you've been relying on simple strategies and good old fashion luck.
It has taken me years of trial and error to learn the keys to trading successfully.
By mastering Price Action Strategies, I'm able to identify significant changes in trends and consistently make successful trading decisions.
Many traders have been applying long-term indicators to direct their short-term trading.
If you've been losing money, my bet is you're probably one of them.
But don't worry, I've been through that route...and I'm here to help.
Learn trading secrets from the professional and discover why most successful traders avoid trading indicators!
Discover the Ultimate Trading Strategy:
Price Action & Analysis
The ONLY way you should be drawing trend lines!
Why Most Traders ALWAYS Get This Wrong

Simple strategy to trade with different time frame chart for maximum profits!
Trade Simply WITHOUT Expensive Computer Programs and Stock Screeners

Learn the secret of using the volume indicator to predict future price action
Spot Winning Stocks BEFORE The Herd
How to successfully trade breakouts & spot fake-outs
Why Trading Indicators ALWAYS Lead To Loss
What makes Price Analysis better than technical analysis tools?
Only through Price Action Analysis, you'll discover the importance of understanding every bar on a price chart.
You may notice why particular patterns are reliable setups for trades, and learn how to locate entry and exit points while markets trade in real time.
Most traders fail because they rely heavily on techical analysis tools and believe that these tools are a "Holy Grail."
A good trader MUST NOT trade on rules but on guidelines.
He must "trade what he sees and see what he trades."
If you learn to read and understand the language of Price Action, there is NO NEED for fancy indicators.
You will soon learn to trade profitably using nothing more than a single, uncluttered chart.
You don't need fancy trading stations!
You don't need stacks of monitors!
You don't need expensive and over-used price action system indicators!
Check Out This Video And Watch Me Trade Live!
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Isn't the current overvalued market too risky to start trading? What if it crashes?
That didn't stop me from making huge profits during the financial crisis.
Regardless of the market sentiment, by applying my strategies, you will constantly achieve profitable results.
Join me in this FREE 2hr seminar where I will be explaining Price Action and my trading system more in detail.
I've been teaching thousands of remisiers and traders all my life and my mission is to help you start making profiable trades.
If you have any questions, drop by and ask me anything during the seminar.
Here's a video snippet of my recent SOLD OUT Market Outlook 2017 seminar!
About Robin Ho
Appointed by the Singapore Exchange Academy as a Professional Trainer in 2012, Robin Ho is one of Phillip Capital's top tier trader and remisier.
Holding a highly successful trading track record, Robin has developed his own proprietary trading system that focuses on Price Action which he believes is the answer to today's volatile market.

Robin has taught hundreds of remisiers and professional traders across Asia and is well-know for translating complex trading concepts into digestible and practical usage. He has spoken at numerous investment seminars and is highly rated by participants on his unique teachings on price, volume and price spread.
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Date: 2 Aug 2018 (Thu)
Time: 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Location: 17 Phillip Street,
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It's time to master the markets and start trading profitably!
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