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Start making money by picking stocks with BIG RETURNS consistently
Hi, I'm Collin Seow and was a principal remisier at Phillip Capital.
I'm a self-made multi millionare and recently retired after having cracked the code to extracting money safely from the stock market.
Now I say this not to impress you but the truth is I was actually once $250,000 in debt!
It all started early on in my career.
One of my clients was trading heavily with each position ranging up to $100,000. He did start to make money but like all new traders, success breeds complacency.
He over traded and made a loss of $250,000! 
In Singapore, if a client does not pay the remisier will have to.
Imagine the shocked I received when the debt of $250,000 was legally passed down to me.
My wife was then pregnant with my second child and I could not bear to tell her the situation.
But I knew I needed to continue fighting to save my family from financial burden. Over time and hard work, I developed a system to trade stocks with the lowest risk and high returns.
Within 16 months, I managed to clear off the debt! Here's how I did it.

In trading there are only two important elements, the Payoff Ratio and Probability of Winning.
These are the only two things we as traders can control. We have to leave every other condition to the market.
By being systematic in your trades, you will always outperform your losses! The next step was figuring how can I amplify my profits by choosing the right stocks effortlessly and systematically.
Little did  I know, I've actually discoverd an unbeatable format to trade stocks effectively.
And Anyone Can Easily Use This Method Too!
3 Main Questions Answered In This Free 2hr Workshop!

What to Buy?

With so many stocks listed in different exchanges, how do I know which stocks will give me the highest returns?

When to Buy/Sell?

How do I know when exactly to buy a stock even if I know that the stock is a good buy?

How Much to Buy/Sell?

Even if I know what to buy and when to buy, should I buy everything now or buy it in stages?

Thats it! No unnecessary time will be wasted during this Free course.
My aim is to provide as much value in 2 hours to kickstart you investment journey immediately!
I have mentored and coached hundreds of Singaporeans to reach their financial dreams, will you be next?
But Before You Attend My Free Course, There Are Rules That You Must Strictly Follow!
1) This is not a get rich quick scheme nor sales talk, you will learn valuable investment knowledge and strategies. Do not expect to be an instant millionare immediately.
2) If you're looking for something to sell, this is not the workshop for you. This is NOT Multi-level marketing (MLM).
3) As this is a free workshop, there is limited seat availability. Please register early to secure your seats as we do not accept participants once the time slot has closed.
4) I am only looking for people who are willing to learn and want to create a secondary source of income through the stock market. Please do not use this as a networking event.
Interested To Manage And Grow Your Own Money
Stop getting fooled by financial advisors! Become your own investment advisor and money manager.
I Know You're Wondering Why Would I Even Provide This Course For Free?
There's an old  saying "A wise person learns by the experience of others, an ordinary person learns by his or her own experience...
But only a fool learns by nobody's experience."
When I finally paid off the debt of SGD $250,000, I thought to myself
"Wow! This method should be written into a book to help others who can't seem to succeed in the stock market or even afraid to start investing." 
However even after my book was sucessfully published, I still receive countless cries of help from people burnt from the stock market or riddled in debt.
I had a mentor who was gracious enough to coach me but I know first hand that not many is as lucky as me.
My only hope is that whatever you learn through this workshop, you will pass it on.
Collin Seow at Kinokuniya book launch
Who Is Suitable For This Free Course?
Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Trainers
We have shaped newbies and intermediate traders into successful traders. Simply put, you can be profitable!
Make Money Full Time or Part-Time
Strategies taught can be implemented regardless if you have a current job, or if you are a full-time trader.
About Collin Seow
Author of The Systematic Trader and co-author of the national bestseller Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders, Collin Seow was a Top-Tier Remisier at Phillip Securities. After reaching financial success, he decided to focus on educating the public on how to achieve financial freedom. Collin has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars and is a trainer with CyberQuote (a member of Phillip Capital) where he has equipped finance professionals with proven trading and investment strategies.
A qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) and a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), Collin has been awarded Top 10 Achievers in PhilipCFD for the last 4 consecutive years. With in-depth knowledge of the finance industry, he developed TraderGps, a stock trading software that is a fundamental aspect of his training courses at CyberQuote.
Collin has been at the forefront of trading education, contributing his expertise as a bi-weekly columnist at Shares Investment Publications. He is also currently a member of MENSA Singapore and Technical Analyst Society Institute (TASS).
Event Details:
Date: 26 Jul 2018 (Thu)
Time: 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Location: 17 Phillip Street,
#02-00 Grand Building, Singapore 048695
For more information, don't hesistate to contact us at 6505 0199.
It's time to start making money consistently!
See you soon
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